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As an engineer by trade, the value that I bring to your organization is my hands on work with clients designing cloud and hybrid workload solutions with cloud security and overall security baked in.  I’ve been working the cloud since 2009

I’ve provided advisory and influencer services for IBM, Intel Dell, HPE, Splunk, Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, and Juniper to name a few.

Some of the work that I do includes:

  • Attendance, coverage and In person interview at annual or industry conference

  • Post Event Long Form Blog Posts

  • Non Conference Related Executive Interview with Social

  • A day in a life of a Cloud or Cloud Security Engineer - Sponsored podcast with a customer engineer discussing the challenges of skilling up for cloud, multicloud and hybrid cloud environments

  • Discussion around 3rd party sponsored white paper with either product team or exec

  • Personna review and Marketing Messaging Support

  • Twitter Chat

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